Eco Golf Tees, Made in USA, Pkg. of 100

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Made in USA, our golf tees are made of compostable non-wood materials and come in a packages of 100 pcs. and 1,500 pcs. Order this item to receive a bag of 100 pcs.


In stock (can be backordered)


Using golf tees that break down in water and soil in a harmless and non-toxic way will reduce the amount of plastic going into our oceans and environment. Just being biodegradable isn’t enough. Biodegradable materials often still contain plastic and they then deposit that plastic wherever the products wind up after use. They are neither recyclable nor compostable. They just contaminate.

While recycling is a good solution when perfect, we all know that most recyclable plastic does not get into the recycling loop and winds up as waste in the environment. For this reason, we think it is best to create compostable products. Then we can feel confident that whether they make it into an industrial compost facility or they are lost to the environment, they will not be harmful and may actually be beneficial.

2 reviews for Eco Golf Tees, Made in USA, Pkg. of 100

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Simply amazing to produce a product that is so eco-friendly yet is able to withstand the shear force of teeing off. I have not broke one yet and I have golfed over 30 holes with the same tee. The ball sets on the tee with ease. The strength of the tee is proven as it can be placed in the ground without any bending. The idea of it being compostable will not only benefit the grounds keepers but the environment as a whole. A top notch tee that should be in everyone’s bag.

    • Thanks Jay, glad you like them!

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