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Compost is the Only Truly Green Solution

Biodegradable products have long been the go-to products for eco-conscious people when they buy throw-away items.  There is a problem in this, however.  When we make biodegradable products and label them as something that “breaks down” in the environment, are we really saying it is safe?

More and more research over the years is showing that materials labeled “biodegradable” and the plastic bags & other items such as cutlery that are being made from them are simply infusing the environment with more invisible toxins.  These items break down, but produce a significant amount of chemical residue.  This can affect soil, water, the ecosystems, and our health.

Compostable, on the other hand, is amazing!  It is a designation that shows that a material has been tested with plants and soil microbes and has simply DONE NO HARM.  In many cases, the compostable materials add nutrients to the soil and make plants and organisms actually grow better.

Composting has been around since the beginning of life (and death) on our planet.  Composted life becomes nutrients for the next generation.  On our current civilization, we tend to have an economic perspective on things.  We like to study and analyze.  For this, there has been created a term; the Circular Economy.  In the Circular Economy, we ultimately use (or nature uses) everything we throw away.  As renowned sustainability architect William McDonough said, “trash equals food”.

Biodegradable products do not take into account the fact that they contain substances that cannot be used by the soil or water (or by us, for that matter).  Compostable products are the smart way to go if we want to create a sustainable planet for us all and our future generations to enjoy.

Here is a link to William McDonough’s website…

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