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Are you buying “Eco Friendly” products? Make sure it’s not just greenwashing.

What does eco-friendly really mean? When it comes to so-called single use items such as take-out cutlery, it really matters. To us it means you can let our cutlery go into the ocean and it will dissolve or even be eaten by sea life and be nutrients, not contaminants. It means we don’t add more endocrine disrupters to the environment. It means our products fit into a “cradle-to-cradle” philosophy where the lifecycle of the product naturally leads to zero waste.

Compostable materials are much more eco-friendly than biodegradable products because biodegradable materials often still contain these harmful chemicals and petroleum plastics. That is why they are designated biodegradable rather than compostable. It’s a misleading notion to get consumers to feel like they are doing something good, when in fact they are probably doing something more harmful than just using non-biodegradable plastic. Imagine the physical product breaking down and leaving only a plume – either in the air, the water, or in the ground and groundwater – of contaminants that are toxic to wildlife, to fish, and to us. We don’t think that is wise. That’s why we use only compostable materials to make our cutlery and our golf tees. The next time you make a purchase of something that is going to be thrown away right away, make sure it is made of compostable ingredients that will break down and become nutrients in the environment. That is truly eco-friendly!

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GreenSource Compostables cutlery and golf tees are made from certified compostable materials, (are NOT plastic) and are sturdy, high quality products.