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Sustainable Cutlery to Replace Plastic With Compostable Materials

Welcome to the 21st century–a century where the seas are littered with plastic and our seafood is showing up contaminated as a result.

No problem! We can reverse this! The technology now exists to produce outstanding single-use cutlery (forks, spoons and knives, etc.) from petroleum plastic free, entirely compostable materials. “Compostable” is the only truly biodegradable plastic material. By doing so, any consumer can worry less about raw materials or products getting washed into the sea and causing harm. If you own or operate a restaurant, convention center, catering business, or other large consumer of single-use cutlery, you can make a big difference simply by switching to compostable materials.

If you choose our cutlery, you will find that the quality exceeds most other plastic products, withstands heat, is both strong and comfortable to use. On top of all that, it’s going to break down in the environment and leave no trace whatsoever. It will become soil or dissolve in sea water. It won’t be around for decades or hundreds of years like plastic will.  Smart people are working on ways to remove the plastic from the oceans. Let’s not keep adding to the problem. Let’s use materials that break down and become nutrients rather than pollutants. Let’s replace petroleum-based plastics with plant-based compostable ingredients.


Plastic washes up on the shore of Singapore. It comes from all over the world.