Compostables: The #1 Way to Eliminate Plastic Waste Accumulation for All Time

With over 33 million tons of plastic trash accumulating each year, compostables are the truly sustainable alternative.

Quality Cutlery from Compostable Ingredients

Our products are not only biodegradable, they are made from 100% compostable raw materials.  Equally as important to us, they are made in the U.S.A.  Our #1 priority is making a quality product that people can use that also has zero impact on the environment when people are finished with it.  We ship from our production facility here in the heartland of the U.S.A.

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Cutlery Set

Compostable Fork

A solid, nicely curved handle gives this fork a familiar feel. Its strong, lightweight design works well with anything from salads to meat.

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Compostable Spoon

This nice medium-sized spoon has the same handle as the fork and feels solid in your hand.   Good for hot or cold beverages, perfect for soups or ice cream!

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Compostable Knife

Our knife is rugged, serrated, and cuts anything from squash to steaks with confidence.  The handle is comfortable and the curved, short blade is strong and nimble.

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Cutlery Set
Cutlery Set

Prototyping & Manufacturing Service

Need to make your new product 100% compostable?  In addition to our cutlery products, we provide prototyping and small-run manufacturing.  Whether it is a rigid or flexible product, we can find the material that works best for you.  We have a full mold-making capability and can produce your new compostable product in small to medium production runs.

Cutlery Set

Save money by proving out your manufacturing process at our facility.  We can work with you to choose materials, design and fabricate molds, and set up injection molding equipment.  We help you demonstrate that your parts can be produced on a scale large enough to justify significant investment in equipment to deliver what your customers need.

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single-use products sold in US are compostable
metric tons of plastic waste enters our oceans daily
Forks, Spoons and Knives used each year in the US

Plastics Are A Problem

It wasn’t anticipated, but we are starting to recognize the impacts from plastic.  Many activists and environmentalists call it a “throw-away” society, and we have certainly gotten used to throwing things away.  But they don’t go away.  What is really going on is that we are part of a cycle.  We use materials, make things, use them, and then… now here’s the trick… we turn them into materials again!  There’s the answer!  As long as we don’t make our world more toxic and deplete resources, we have a sustainable economy.

The Best Way Forward?

Buy clean compostable products made from renewable resources that are ideally byproducts of an existing clean industry themselves.  Also, ensure that the product is held accountable through U.S. and international standards such as ASTM D6400 or EN 14995:2006.


Who Are We?: Quality Producers With A Purpose

Many companies claim to have good products, but we make sure we are providing something great.  Our 100,000 s.f. facility in Nebraska that produces our flatware can produce any custom design you want to be compostable.  We specialize in providing renewably sourced injection molded mass produced products or components.  Give us a call or click below to learn more!


What goes in must come out.


Composting facilities like this one can take our products without hesitation.  Utensils break down in less than 90 days.

Join The Move to a Greener Future!

If you would like to request our products through your distributor, please either find their name and email below or contact them at your convenience.  We’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to be in touch and let us know how your purchasing works, who you buy from, and what we can do to help you create a sustainable supply and distribution chain.

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